I Heart Denver Store
I Heart Denver Store
200+ Colorado Artists, Designers, and Creative-Focused Businesses

Artist/Designer Application to Sell:

Please read everything carefully and be as complete in your answers as possible.

Quality of the submission is a factor in acceptance.

I Heart Denver Store is a special retail project to support the local creative economy. We are always on the lookout for new artists/designers who are energizing Denver's creative community and helping to make the Colorado art and design scene relevant on a global scale.

I Heart Denver Store is a consignment model that supports artists/designers by giving them 70% of the sale from their work. Before submitting work, please consider the following submission criteria: 

 Distinctive Design in Denver/Colorado
 Shows current trends locally and nationally
 Saleability of the work (multiples, packaging, quality) 

Due to the number of emails we receive and our limited staff, we will not respond to all submissions. Reasons we may not select your work are, but not limited to; space in the store, poor submission, offensive content, craftsmanship, or price point. 

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You must be based in Colorado to participate in the I Heart Denver Store program.
Please describe the work you would like to sell at I Heart Denver Stores.
We do NOT allow branded displays or packaging that won't survive a busy store environment.
What is the average price of your work?
It is strongly encouraged that you include a website of your work for us to review.

If you do not have a website with images of your work:

Email image attachments to contact@iheartdenver.info and include short descriptions of the work in the email.

You are still required to submit this online application.