Sales Associate Job Application 

Part-time sales associate potions open up several times a year at I Heart Denver Store. We try to pay above the average hourly rate for retail sales positions in Colorado. Hours are flexible and generally all staff members have at least 2 shifts per week. If you would like to work in a creative boutique retail environment that is centered around the artists and designers that work in Colorado, we hope you apply today!

Currently we have open 10-30 hours per week and the starting wage is $12.25 per hour.

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We ask that applicants have at least 2 years of retail experience. Please use this section to describe your past employers and any information that might make you a great employee at our stores.
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Name, their relationship to you, and phone number.
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By submitting this form you are stating that all the information is truthful to the best of yoru ability. If you need to make a change or fix a mistake you can email us directly at We keep applications on file until there is an open position. If you would like to submit another application at a later time that is ok and will not disqualify you, especially if your experience has changed. If you would like to drop off a resume that is acceptable during store hours. We appreciate you taking the time to apply. I Heart Denver Store does follow up with everyone who has an interview but not will all applicants.